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Tips To Consider For All Veneer Collections from Home  Elegance Furniture

Home EleganceVeneer evokes negative connotations of being inferior when compared to solid wood. In reality these are used commonly on all high quality Homelegance furniture and budget pieces. This is a thin silver of wood that is applied to the plywood base or wood. Single slab of wood like table top can split and warp over a period of time. For a table top made from cheaper or secondary wood, several boards are joined and again covered with veneer. Veneer can be applied even over plywood. There are certain tips to be followed when you are purchasing veneer. Whenever you are buying veneer furniture, you need to enquire about the base material. If the base is very inferior, it will not resolve the potential problems. You need to check the underside of tables by pulling the drawer. You should check those areas that are not covered by veneer. If the base is soft or particleboard, it can still split and warp. You can run the fingernail along the veneer edge to see if it is attached tightly to the base. If you spot any gaps & there are loose gaps, the veneer would pop loose over a period of time.


Why consider laminates?

Laminates cover the base material. Most of them are glued to the particleboard or fiberboard. All the Home elegance furniture will have laminates that are applied to wood directly to make the items more durable, easier and smoother to clean. They mimic the wood that is used for chairs, legs and tables. You can also ask for good Homelegance discounts.


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